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We can see things in different ways

June 13, 2008

Tiger helpingI have been posting this photo a lot today.  It got me thinking about how we can view things differently about the same advents.  This is Tiger.  She can be a royal pest when she wants to. Especially when it come to me working on my desk top computer.  This picture was actually taken a few years back.  She tries anything she can to get in my way when I am doing stuff on my computer. If you throw her off the desk she keeps coming back.  I remember the day I took this she was really being  a pest, making it hard to do anything.  She was really getting annoying. Then all the sudden she lies down and pours on the charm. Something else she is good at. Started purring like crazy.

Now I could have took this more than one way. I could have told my self she is just trying another tactic to get my attention, and get more frustrated with her.  Finally giving up at trying to get anything done on the computer and feeling frustrated about it. Or I could slow down on what I was doing and enjoy her tactic and pet her some. Then take a break from my computer and go back after she has decided it is now ok to go some where and take a nap. As you can see I choose the later option. I even grabed my camera and took her picture.  I decided to make it fun instead of more frustrating.

This is just an example of how we view things in our mind can make a big difference on the way we feel. I was taught to think more toward the negative side of things growing up. It has taken a lot of work to change that self talk. I had to keep looking for positive things and telling my self positive things. Now it comes more instantaneous on most things.