Art Can Help Depression and Anxieties

Hi Everyone,

We are going to have fun talking about how Art can help us feel better when dealing with Depression and Anxieties. You probally saying she has got to be kidding I am not an Artist. Well you don’t have to be an Artist for it to help you. It can be as simple as looking at art, coloring  and for the more inclined drawing, painting, etc.  Art can help you relax!  Really getting lost in someone else art can be very relaxing. Coloring is an other relaxing form of Art.

 You can say Ok, but what am I going to color. Well here are some ideas. One of my favorites are Mandalas. Mandalas are geograpical shapes for coloring. Some have themes others are just shapes. My favorite Mandala site has lots to choose from and they are free to print. Here  is a link: Use what ever coloring media you like. My favorite is colored pencils. I have lots of Mandalas that I have colored over the years, when they are done I put them all in a note book so I can go back and look at them all. Sometimes they end up on a wall or window. Just looking at them can be relaxing.

  I  am posting 4 Mandalas that I have printed out from and colored. They are fun to look at. I used colored pencils on all of these. As you can see they are very colorful and you don’t have to be an Artist to do them.  The last  Mandala  is called a Turkish Tile. This was also printed from . The big difference is that it is square. Try some Mandalas!


There are lots of different kinds of books you can buy. Some are geometric shapes that have animals hinden with in it’s design. 

I am giving you a link to Doodler Bugz’s Art blog. So you can look at the kinds of art I like to do.










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6 Responses to “Art Can Help Depression and Anxieties”

  1. Sliloh Says:

    Those are beautiful Tammie. Sometimes art helps my depression I think. Sometimes it just tells the story of it, and I think that’s okay too. I mean, it’s kind of like journaling, at least you are releasing it 😉


  2. moonrise Says:

    Fantastic information! Thank you so much. I had never really thought about using mandalas like that but I think it would be an excellent idea. I’ve seen books of them for sale too.

  3. lvsblog Says:

    I also love mandalas. I really like to create them myself by hand. I have created them for the people that I love, incorporating symbols, shapes and colors that remind me of them. I love creating them by hand but sometimes that seems too much to take on.I have a mandala coloring book that I love to take on trips with me. I have spent many hours coloring them. Art has been a powerful tool for me in dealing with my emotions. Hmmm you have inspired me! Now I want to create a mandala to commemorate the evolution of a relationship.

    Thank you for a great blog post!

  4. Tammie Says:

    The mandalas and geographical shapes work great for me as you don’t have to worry about what color you color anything. Any color is the right color. When I was more of a prefectionist that use to all ways cross my mind when coloring other things, but not with mandalas. I have now learned that there is no prefect color for anything. So I can use other forms of art now. 🙂

  5. Natural Anxiety Says:

    Anxiety is arguably one of the most debilitating states that anyone can ever encounter. Anyone suffering from this, regardless of type should seek anxiety help to regain control of their lives.

  6. Joy Cross-Smith Says:

    Trying to find healthier ways of dealing with depression. Thanks!

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