We can see things in different ways

Tiger helpingI have been posting this photo a lot today.  It got me thinking about how we can view things differently about the same advents.  This is Tiger.  She can be a royal pest when she wants to. Especially when it come to me working on my desk top computer.  This picture was actually taken a few years back.  She tries anything she can to get in my way when I am doing stuff on my computer. If you throw her off the desk she keeps coming back.  I remember the day I took this she was really being  a pest, making it hard to do anything.  She was really getting annoying. Then all the sudden she lies down and pours on the charm. Something else she is good at. Started purring like crazy.

Now I could have took this more than one way. I could have told my self she is just trying another tactic to get my attention, and get more frustrated with her.  Finally giving up at trying to get anything done on the computer and feeling frustrated about it. Or I could slow down on what I was doing and enjoy her tactic and pet her some. Then take a break from my computer and go back after she has decided it is now ok to go some where and take a nap. As you can see I choose the later option. I even grabed my camera and took her picture.  I decided to make it fun instead of more frustrating.

This is just an example of how we view things in our mind can make a big difference on the way we feel. I was taught to think more toward the negative side of things growing up. It has taken a lot of work to change that self talk. I had to keep looking for positive things and telling my self positive things. Now it comes more instantaneous on most things.



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5 Responses to “We can see things in different ways”

  1. moonrise Says:

    My situation is difficult at the moment. I am finding it helpful right now just to trust that things are working out in better ways than I could ever have imagined. This has been my experience in the past. My imaginings can often get pretty negative, but there is so much I do not know and cannot control … so I trust that something I have not even thought of or known about will intervene and make everything better than I could have hoped with my limited perspective. I’m using affirmations to try to build up this trust!

  2. Eileen Says:

    I agree that looking at things in a positive way is the way to go. For awhile I was mired down in negativity; my cat is 17 years old, overshoots the litterbox and I use paper towels to soak up the urine. I could get annoyed but I see it in this way…how do I know how I will be when I am the equivalent of the cat in age? I am 75 now, but. Also, paper towels are a lot cheaper than the cat litter I only have to put in there every four days anyway. My daughter came close to death and it was her positivity along with the grace of God and the skill of her surgeons when she had three brain surgeries in 2000. I had a very, very difficult life from childhood on, being choked and beaten by my mother, a terrible marriage and I had to raise my children all alone. I supported my family from the time I was 19 because my stepfather died and I got no appreciation from my mother..BUT..I was very prepared when it came time to raise my own family all by myself. God is always here for us if we give him a chance.

  3. Tammie Says:

    Moonrise just finding a positive side to something can make a big difference to how we feel. Using Affirmations is a good way to turn negative thoughts to positives thoughts. I use them a lot. The trick is you have to keep using them until you believe them.

  4. Tammie Says:

    Eileen it sounds like you have been through some rough times. Learning to look at the the positive side of things is a great accomplishment. I let God into my life about a year ago. He has been there a lot for me since then.
    Over the last few years my life has been rough. I have always tried to bring positive things into my life though. Such as my cats, fish tank, new hobbies and online classes.

  5. just a mom Says:

    my “puppy” loves to put his nose on the computer keyboard while I am trying to work on the computer or just type an email…. he is a pest but it is just because he wants me to give him some love and when I stop being frustrated I can see that this IS a good thing….
    I am lucky to have someone love me unconditionally.
    thanks for listening.
    just a mom

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