Welcome to The Blue Room Weblog


Welcome to the new Blue Room Weblog. We will be discussing issues that relate to mental health. Some issues will be on self esteem, affirmations, remembering to look for positive things, about taking care of yourself and having fun. This blog is open to the public. pooh and piglit


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22 Responses to “Welcome to The Blue Room Weblog”

  1. sliloh Says:

    Being a depressive most of my life, I’ll be interested in following this one. My blog is about mental health and various rambling off in other directions!

  2. Tammie Says:

    Yes sliloh I am wanting to follow your site also. I read it the other day. You all ready have some neat information on it. 🙂
    This Blog is made to compliment my mental health forum, which is called the Blue Room.

    One of the discussions I was trying to get going before we got hit by the tornado was on affirmations. I figure doing it this way I can have it more open to the public.

  3. sliloh Says:

    Affirmations is one of the hardest things for me. But I’m working on it. I think is is the perfect place for it 😉

  4. Barb Hartsook Says:

    I see that you also put a link on your forum back to your new blog. Great idea.

    I wonder if you’ve ever read or heard of the physical nature of positive (or any kind of) affirmations? The grooving effects it has in the brain? We heard this man, Shad Helmstetter, speak many years ago, and his work is still going on. You can hear him talk for just a few minutes here: http://www.selftalkstore.com/

    He’s one of many who teach this, but his name came to mind as I read Anita’s comment. It isn’t easy! And we don’t always know what those affirmations should be. But it’s a start…


  5. ataran Says:

    I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog. I’m finally coming out of a divorce driven depression, but it’s been a long hard battle. The gifts are finally coming my way tho…FINALLY!!!

    Peggy, who is catching up with the blog class

  6. Lee Says:

    Love the plug in that installed my name already typed in the reply sheet!Looking forward to more on your blog,there was a show on TV last week about clinical studies into the effects of positive thinking on the survival rate of cancer patients, sadly the news wasn’t good but they were happier while they lived. It was only one form of cancer too and they were going to continue their studies on other forms. That being said I know there are many who would disagree, myself among them.
    Depression is everywhere and if your blog can make it more bearable for even one person your effort wont have been wasted, I for one will be back!

  7. Tammie Says:

    Barb I love the selftalk site. I had never heard of him before. I have to explore the whole site. I like the way he explains self talk in his talk on the site. It really makes a point. I know that coming up with the right affirmations is not always easy. Trying to make sure they are put in a positive tense is not always easy either. I use them along with postive visualization. It really has made a difference for me.

  8. Tammie Says:

    Peggy I am sure it is great to finally see the positive some positives about your divorice. Depression is not easy to deal with. It is a hard battle, but well worth the effort. Way to go!

    I can understand where you are coming from. Last year we had to put our 17 year old severly autistic non-verbal son in a state school. He got so aggressive for us to handle any more.

    Trying to learn a new way of life is not easy. Just recovering from something like that is hard work. I am still learning to step outside my comfort zone, doing things I was never able to do before.

  9. Tammie Says:

    Lee thank you for visiting. Having been through a lot of depression and anxiety myself. I know that I do want to try to help others the best I can. That is why I took over the Blue Room Forum in Feb. I took this class mostly to help teach me different ways to help others. So my Forum now has a website and a blog.

  10. Moonrise Says:

    I have been trying to increase my self-esteem with affirmations for years but find it a difficult slog with slow progress. I’m starting to think the key might be in more radical removal of the old beliefs and patterns. Just now I am making more progress through a twelve step programme of spiritual growth than at any time in my life. In this connection, it make sense that, as one poster said, affirmations did not improve cancer survival rates. I am open to the idea that cancer is at least partially psychosomatic but I am starting to think that affirmations chip away very minimally at the surface. Deeper work is producing results for me.

  11. Tammie Says:

    I am finding affermations hard to do myself right now. Maybe that is why I need to talk about them. Right now life is bringing a lot of stress my way. There are a lot new things I have to accomplish, and want to accomplish. With Mark graduated from Highschool I am totally having to change gears now. Start transitioning to be able to handle the work world. His life has to change and my life has to change with it. An affermation. Saying I can do all I put my mind to helps. I can do this . I need to pace myslef to get things done.

  12. Moonrise Says:

    Right — they can help, but I think they’re just one tool in the box. Certainly better than repeated negative thoughts of the “I can’t” variety — guess that’s where the idea comes from. The problem for me is believing them deep down. I’m not sure how much it really helps when I’m trying to say: “I can do this” when deep down I still think I can’t. I know some would say it’s no good waiting for your feelings to change, you must act first. I don’t know what pace of progress it’s reasonable to expect — I guess no one can answer that LOL. Well I won’t ramble on, I’ll just say, affirmations are something pleasant and cheery, and they are a tool — all tools need to be used in certain ways to get the most out of them.

  13. quirkyartist Says:

    More please!! I want somebody to blog with.

  14. Tammie Says:

    There will be more posted here sortly. Saturday I found out that my 17 year old son who is in a state school in a different state is in the hospital. He had a a fever and blood leakage from his left ear, and his red blood cell count was down. They did a spinal tap. The results came back negitive. He is still having a fever, the blood leakage from the ear stopped yesterday. They changed his antibiotics and were waiting for an ENT. I will be calling again this morning to see how he is doing.

  15. moonrise Says:

    Yikes! I hope he is better soon.

  16. Sliloh Says:

    Oh Tammie praying for the best here.

  17. Tammie Says:

    Drew broke his fever yesterday. 🙂 They think everything is from a severe ear infection. Drew is non-verbal. So he is unable to communicate when things are bothering him. I am just so relieved he is feeling better. It is hard being over 6 hours away, and neither my husband nor I being in any condition to drive that far. When I am over this depression more I am going to start looking into moving him closer to us. I heard that there our places with in 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours away from where we are now.

  18. moonrise Says:

    Best wishes.

    I’m still finding affirmations very helpful … need to keep them up now.

  19. JasonMT Says:

    Best wishes….
    How is she now?

    Dual Diagnosis

  20. affermations Says:

    […] to look for positive things, about taking care of yourself and having fun. This blog is ohttps://blueroomblog.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/welcome-to-the-blue-room-weblog/the creativity like affermation of personalityA little script about the creativity, an important […]

  21. Tammie Says:

    Hi JayM
    My son is doing much better. It turned out to be a severe ear infection. He is back at the state school he was in the hospital for a week. After he started feeling better my depression got bad. I am starting to do much better for the last 2 weeks. Right now I am just playing catch up on a lot of things. Thank you for asking about my son.

  22. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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